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Booking Cancellation

(limit €10.000 per file)

Refund of Confirmation Deposit caused by:

  • illness, accident or death:
    • of the insured or a relative
    • of the travelling companion, provided that he/she is insured and registered on the same case
    • of the partner/co-owner of the insured's firm or practice
  • impossibility to use holidays already planned, due to dismissal or suspension from emplyment (redundancy,mobility etc.) of the insured or his/her new recruitment
  • impossibility of reaching the location of the stay due to natural disasters in the place of residence
  • material damages following a fire,theft with break-in or adverse weather conditions,which affect the properties of the insured or the premises in which he/she performs his/her commercial, professional or industrial activity, such as to render his/her presence necessary
  • order to appeal before the Judicial Authority as a witness or call to Jury Service,sent to the insured after booking the trip
  • order to appear before the Judicial Authority as a witness or call to Jury Service,sent to the insured after booking the trip
  • call to appear before the relevant authorities for the formalities of adopting a minor
  • accident to the vehicle in the 48 hours preceding the start of the trip

Interruption of stay

Refund the pro-rata share of the stay not enjoyed (limit 50% of the cost of the stay) following an interruption to the stay due to:

  • medical return of the insured
  • early return of the insured or relatives
  • material damages affecting the properties of the insured

Delayed arrival

Refund in the event of delayed arrival at the location of stay for reasons occurring during the journey to reach the hotel of:

  • food and accomodation costs (up to 20% of the cost of the stay with a limit per file of € 500)
  • additional costs to reach the hotel in case of breakdown or accident of the vehicle


Medical costs

Direct payment, by way of the 24H Assistance Platform and up to € 30.000 of:

  • urgent medical costs
  • hospital and surgery fees
  • doctor's fees
  • transportation to the medical centre

Involuntary extension of the stay. Refund of the costs of food and accomodation incurred from the day of the end of the stay for a maximum of 3 consecutive days and with a limit of € 1.500 per file.