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Before confirming purchase of the policy, please see the Pre-Contractual Information which contains the full Policy Terms and Conditions and the limits, maximums or excesses for each type of cover.

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Cancellation cover is also valid in the event of epidemics or diagnosed pandemic illness, e.g., COVID-19

Refund of cancellation fee or commitment deposit (up to € 3.000 per person and € 10.000 per case) applied by an accommodation provider in the event that the person insured cancels a journey as a result of:
  • illness (including epidemics and diagnosed pandemic illnesses, e.g., COVID-19), accident or death:
    • of the person insured or one of their relatives
    • of a business associate;
  • the person insured or a travel companion being required to quarantine on the orders of the Government, Public Authority or journey provider if it is suspected that the person insured or a travel companion has been exposed to a contagious illness (including an epidemic or pandemic illness, such as COVID-19). This does not include quarantine that applies to part or all of a population or geographical area, or in the departure or destination locations or intermediate stages of the journey.
  • being called for jury service or as a witness in a court
  • being summoned regarding the adoption of a minor
  • material damage to the residence or property where the person insured carries out their commercial activity
  • being unable to reach the destination due to adverse weather conditions in the place of residence
  • being unable to take a planned journey due to the person insured being made redundant, suspended from employment (wage guarantee funds, temporary redundancy) or taking up new employment
  • the theft of documents required by the person insured for foreign travel purposes

Excess: no percentage excess will be applied in the event the person insured dies or requires a hospital stay greater than 5 days. A 15% percentage excess will apply to all other cases.

Delayed Arrival

Refund of journey costs already paid in the event you cannot benefit from services due to delayed arrival at a destination caused by:

  • a breakdown or accident involving the vehicle used to reach the accommodation
  • your flight, sea vessel or train being delayed
  • adverse weather conditions.

Refund up to € 150 per night and up to a maximum of two nights