Privacy Information

In order to comply with Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, Code in relation to personal data protection, we inform you of the use of your personal data and your rights. Our company must acquire (or already holds) some data relating to you:

Use of personal data for insurance purposes

The data provided by you or by other entities is used by AWP P&C S.A. General Agent for Italy, by other companies of the same Group and by third parties to which it may be communicated in order to implement the insurance services, provide you with the possibility to make a report or view the situation of your claim also by use of fax, telephone, including mobile, e-mail or other distance communication techniques.

We therefore ask you to express consent to the processing of your data and/or that of your family members, strictly necessary for your requests.

For the insurance services and products, we will also need to process "sensitive" data strictly instrumental to the provision of the same (e.g. medical reports for liquidation). The consent we ask from you, therefore, also relates to that data for those specific purposes. Again as part of the liquidation of the claim, your data may be communicated to the following entities who operate as autonomous controllers: other insurers, co-insurers, re-insurers, consortia and trade associations, doctors, hospital staff, care and rehabilitation institutes.

Your consent, therefore, also covers the activity performed by the aforementioned entities, the constantly updated list of which is available free of charge by requesting it from

AWP P&C S.A. - General Agent for Italy - Privacy Service - Viale Brenta, 32 - 20139 Milan

or from telephone number +39 02 23695 1

or fax number +39 02 23695 948

or e-mail

In the absence of your data, we will not be able to provide the services and products in whole or in part. Some data, then, must be communicated by you or by third parties by law, as required, for example, by the anti-money laundering regulations.

Why do we need information relating to our customers and how do we use it?

If you request a quotation for travel insurance, we need to know your name and surname, address, the dates of your journey and the names of the persons with whom you will travel.

If you decide to purchase travel insurance, we will request your credit card details. This information allows us to process and issue the policy requested by you. Subsequently, we will use that information exclusively to handle requests for assistance or reimbursement that we receive from you or from persons with whom you are travelling.

The software that we use to monitor this information does not allow us to "capture" other information that could identify you, nor is it our intention to use underground expansion systems to acquire customers.

What levels of security do we use to protect the information of our customers?

When you purchase the insurance, we offer you use of secure software that encrypts the information entered by you prior to sending it. This ensures that the information is reasonably protected against unlawful interception.

In order to fulfil our obligations, we also perform very severe security procedures as regards the storage and transmission of data entrusted to us, so as to avoid unauthorised accesses to that data.

Methods of use of personal data

Your personal data is used only with methods and procedures strictly necessary to provide you with the services, products and information requested by you also by use of fax, telephone, including mobile, e-mail or other distance communication techniques. We use the same methods also when we communicate for those purposes some of this data to other companies in our sector, in Italy and abroad and to other companies of our Group, in Italy and abroad.

For some services, we use entities trusted by us which perform on our behalf tasks of a technical and organisational nature. Some of these entities also operate abroad. These entities are our direct collaborators and perform the role of "manager" or "officer" of our data processing, or they operate in complete autonomy as separate processing "controllers". These are, in particular, entities forming part of the same Group of AWP P&C S.A. - General Agent for Italy or its operational network such as correspondents, ambulances, general practitioners, specialist doctors, technical consultants and other entities that perform auxiliary activities on behalf of the Company such as lawyers, experts, service companies which are entrusted with the handling, liquidation and payment of claims; operational support centres and consultancy companies for legal protection, partner clinics, computer and telematics or archiving companies; postal service companies indicated on the parcel; audit and consultancy companies; service companies for the control of fraud, credit recovery companies.

The consent we request from you, therefore, also concerns the transmission to these categories and the processing of data by them and it is necessary to pursue the purposes of supplying the insurance product or service requested and for the redistribution of risk. We also inform you that your personal data will not be disseminated.

You are entitled to know, at any time, the contents of your data and how it is used. You are also entitled to have it updated, supplemented, rectified or deleted, to request its block or object to its processing.

In order to exercise your rights, please contact

AWP P&C S.A. - Italian branch - Data Protection Officer - Viale Brenta, 32 - 20139 Milan

or at number +39 02 236951,

at fax number +39 02 23695 948 or e-mail

(whose pro tempore manager is also the processing manager).

Your consent

By using the website you consent to the collection and use of your data by AWP P&C S.A. - General Agent for Italy in accordance with the methods described above.

Where our company decides to open a channel of commercial information through mailing lists with registrations made on the website, that modification will not - of course - have any retro-effect on the data already possessed.

Any authorisations to receive advertising on insurance products will be expressly requested and subject to separate information notice, as well as entered in special and separate databases.